New Sunrise Properties focuses its efforts on housing two sections of the Lorain County community.  Our first focus is housing people with moderate to severe mental illnesses.  We provide people who are in need a safe and affordable place to live so that they are not forced out into the streets.  Many people who have mental illnesses become homeless because they are unable to work traditional jobs and the disability benefits they receive are not sufficient to find secure housing.  New Sunrise Properties provides housing for these people and we work with the resident’s supportive services to insure that their housing and mental health needs are met.

Our second focus is housing families with low to moderate income.  We provide people who have been categorized as “the working poor” and people who have subsidies that are provided through Lorain County Metropolitan Housing Authority.  We do not provide subsidies, but we work with families that have obtained their own subsidies.  Our housing is designed for families.  We have single family houses and townhomes with two, three, and four bedrooms.  We also have a select number of efficiency units that are available for low income single people.